Business & Lifestyle Coaching

Business coaching  are programs are personalized curriculums meant to mentor and nurture your passions.  Choose from a variety of programs that caters to your specific needs and goals for your business and Guide I will coach you through the process of achieving your personalized goals.

Workshops & Courses

Our workshops are a luxury and hands-on learning experiences. Extend your network and skills  with our In-person and Online Workshops & Courses.

You are an Event Professional/ service based business who is committed to making your passion a monitizable creative business!

Your Value is Extremely Important to You
You are a Design RockStar!
You have a Few Years Experience in Business
Your Family & Personal Life is a priority.

You desire to Level Up and produce events that you’ve been Dreaming of!

You are struggling with some of these areas and are seeking an immediate shift in your business and perspective!
You’re not sure what services to offer and what to charge?
You lack tools and resources to enhance your visions and budgets
You feel you should be further in your career?

You spend too much time on the business and not enough time enjoying Family and Profits

You are not booking the clients that fit your planning personality and design style



Balanced Lifestyle

Here at the Academy we focus on 3 Key areas: Business, Personal, & Spiritual. We offer tips and advice that allow these three elements to flow cohesively together.


We understand the importance of connecting with your clients and vendors.  We teach you to build lasting relationships that will keep them loyal to your brand.

Design & Creativity

Let Your Creativity Run Wild. We foster an environment to grow your design range and skills. 

Systems & Workflows
We will guide you through the process of developing Foundational systems and workflows for your business. This will set the tone for how you manage your business, projects and time.  
Let’s Face it! Life is in the Power of the Mind and Tongue. Your perspective affects your behavior and quality of work. We will present Fresh Perspectives that will shift your thinking. We all have the same capacity and inner resources for positive change. You will undergo a permanent transformation that brings you closer to the desirable level of satisfaction and purposeful state of being.

Meet Your Coach

Hello!  I’m Brittney, Founder and lead Stylist & Planner of B. Sherrie Designs. As a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, I developed a love for Cultured Cuisine, great music, arts, fashion, and celebrating life at an early age. I am a wife, a mother of three amazing kids and a spoiled fur baby named Benji. I would consider myself to be highly ambitious, full of energy, and incredibly passionate about Living a life of Freedom and Creativity!

I started a career in Education then quickly learned that my passion to create and nurture became harder to do with the growing culture of “business & schools”.

I began my Event Design Business in 2015.  I learned about the Event industry through experience and trial. I invested in my business by Rebranding and committing to discovering my Niche and Expertise.  I worked hard without much guidance and assistance. My Passion, Connections, and Talents built my company from ground up! My Destination Couples have been Featured on International Media Platforms throughout the course of my business journey.

 As the creator of the B. Leveled Academy, My mission is to Empower & teach event planners and designers how to build the foundation and systems necessary to create and run a successful business with Freedom and BALANCE. I believe that Experience & Education is key to helping your brands and businesses thrive.  My background, in both of these key areas, allows me to guide you with ease.  Are you ready to B. Leveled?  

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Courses & Workshops

B. Leveled Boot Camp

Join the Academy’s Entry Level 6 week Self Guided Course that will assist you in developing The Core Values & Foundations of your business. This coaching program will guide you through the process of Identifying your business Values & Services offered as well as your Ideal Client & Market. We will also give you a step by step process to converting Leads to Clients.

Templates: Ideal Client Profile, Lead Email Templates, Consultation Form

The Master Class

The Master Class provides an additional 8 Weeks of Intensive Coaching. The Master Class is Ideal for Event Industry Service base Professionals. Upon completion of the 6 Week Business Boot Camp student will catapult their business to the next level by covering  Topics such as:

Services & Pricing

Client Experience & Planning Process

Working With Vendors

Developing Professional Contracts & Templates

Importance of Brand Identity & Marketing

This course is for both beginners looking to launch a career right away or seasoned individuals ready to take their career to the next level.

What’s Included:

4  60 Minute Group Live Q & A CALL Calls

1:1 30 Minute Strategy/Progress Call

Templates:  Contract, Consultation Form, Social Media Content Calendar, Hashtag Tool Box.

Workshops, Courses & Retreats

Our workshops are a luxury and hands-on learning experience. Extend your network and skills  with our In-person and Online Workshops & Courses.

Strategy Calls

A 90 Minute Mentoring Session. During your session, we will pick 1-2 topics to strategize together on, and conclude the session with an action list so that you can get started on making changes immediately


My whole Entire Life has changed because of Brittney. I’ve taken a  few event courses before but never have I had someone to break things down for me in a way that I was able to understand. Her guidance encouraged me to even GO HARDER but this time with GRACE! By following her plans, I was able see immediate results in my business and more balance in my Personal Life.  This is my second Coaching experience with her and I am still gaining knowledge and growing.


When I learned that Brittney and myself have been in business for the exact same amount of years, I was embarrassed and disappointed. I knew that in that moment I needed her expertise and guidance. After our assessment call the disappointment had miraculously shifted to drive & motivation! I enrolled in the Bootcamp and took on the rigorous challenge to build my foundation. I’ve doubled my bookings and increased my profits by $1,200 only 7 weeks into the program. This girl is a Gift to the Event Industry! I am so glad to call her my COACH!


Start Booking & Designing the events you've been dreaming of now!

It’s time to get organized and intentional in your event business. Focusing on the stuff that matters will help your business grow and give you the lifestyle you DESIRE. You know you need to do something to see your business succeed. This is your time to say YES and watch your business grow like you never imagined it could.